Exotic Florals : Chrysanthemum and Wisteria

Beautiful symetry and color gradation of the entire art piece accentuate its sensuality. The big fuki* that overlaps with kumihimo (braided cord) is characteristic of this piece.

Fuki refers to the section where the lining of the kimono is tailored to show at the sleeve and the hem.

Subtitle: Encounters between emblematic flowers on a purple field
From the series: Individual Work
Date: 1980
Dimensions: 298 x 138 cm
Technique: Tie-dyeing, ink painting on silk crepe (chirimen) with gold wefts.Embroideries.
Type: Furisode (long-hanging sleeve)
ID Number: 30
Created By: Itchiku Kubota
Performance/Actor ITCHIKU NOH 2000 (Yoshida Kenichi), ITCHIKU NOH 2001 (Hashioka Kyutaro the 9th)