The Kubota

The Kubota Collection consists of 104 artistic kimono made using the “Itchiku Tsujigahana” technique. This includes kimono from the Mount Fuji series, some individual pieces and Kubota’s lifetime project “The Symphony of Light”. A masterpiece left incomplete at the time of his death, this series consisted of 36 kimono (he had intended to make 80).

Each work is designed to be an atmospherical painting of a certain season, element or setting, but is also part of a more important landscape which is magically unveiled once the kimono are placed next to each other.

Some of the kimono were featured in Nô theatre plays (a traditional and highly esteemed Japanese art), in fashion shows and music concerts. Due to their fragility and importance for Japan’s textile and design history, and in accordance with Itchiku Kubota’s wish, they are partly visible all year-round in Kawaguchi-ko, Japan, in a museum designed by Kubota. It is also their original birthplace.The kimono showcased on this website are part of the Kubota Collection.