Hin/ Nostalgia

As the end of autumn approaches, a light fall of snow coats a distant mountaintop. A soft and beautiful light filters through the gathering clouds, bringing a sense of serenity and peace to the scene. the dense stitch-resist work here adds depth and texture to the design.

In addition to the complex dyeing techniques that form the basis of Itchiku Kubota’s work, he developed many intricate expanses of stitch-resist that also form a major feature of many of the Symphony of Light kimono. This kimono, known as Hin/ Nostalgia, displays several excellent stitch-resist examples, some set against unworked areas for contrast, others as part of densely worked sections that give additional depth and texture to the design. These stitch-resist areas are most visible in the cloud-like formations that float lightly over the forested slopes of this serene mountain scene.

Number in the collection: 9
Series: Individual Work
Dimensions: 198 x 139 cm
Technique: Tie-dyeing, ink painting on silk crepe (chirimen)
Kimono type: Kosode (short sleeve)
Catalogue reference: 70
Created by: Itchiku Kubota
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