Jo/ Endless Snow

The meditative silence of falling snow has an almost palpable effect as Kubota’s masterful presentation of winter draws you deep into this simple but elegant scene. The colours seem almost neutral at first glance, but more intense study reveals subtle hints of blues and greens hiding in the snow-misted landscape. The countless snowflakes that make up this wintery blizzard are produced by shibori, a tie-dye technique in which pinches of fabric are so tightly tied that dyes cannot permeate. When the resist threads are removed, the tied area blossoms into snowflake-like forms. Shibori is labor-intensive and requires hours of intense concentration, but the elegance and beauty of the results are well worth the effort.

Number in the collection: 23
Series: Symphony of Light
Dimensions: 198 x 139 cm
Technique: Tie-dyeing, ink painting and embroidery on silk crepe (chirimen) with silver wefts
Kimono type: Kosode (short sleeve)
Catalogue reference: IKMC-050
Created by: Itchiku Kubota
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