Kan/ Never Ending Snowfall

The design for Kan/ Never Ending Snowfall includes the use of several techniques that enhance the surface of the kimono. Stitch-resist produced the bold white line that outlines the distant mountains, and hundreds of tiny tie-dyed pinches of fabric created the dense blizzard of snowflakes that moves across the kimono, gradually obscuring the cerulean hues of the inland sea. A group of beautifully drawn trees denuded of their leaves bow gracefully toward the ground as the snow continues to accumulate on their branches. The silver wefts that drift through the ground fabric give an icy metallic sheen to the design as a whole.

Number in the collection: 22
Series: Symphony of Light
Dimensions: 198 x 139 cm
Technique: Tie-dyeing, ink painting and embroidery on silk crepe (chirimen) with silver wefts
Kimono type: Kosode (short sleeve)
Catalogue reference: IKMC-049
Created by: Itchiku Kubota
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