Collection Universe

Itchiku Kubota initially visualized the vibrantly dramatic seven kimono that comprise ‘The Universe’ as forming part of one segment of his astonishing tour de force and life work known as The Symphony of Light. His initial concept called for a pyramid-shaped schematic formed with thirteen kimono that together would echo Mount Fuji’s elegant triangular shape.

Like the fantastical seasonal landscape of Symphony, ‘The Universe’ kimono were to be presented as a gorgeous panorama of color and light. Here, however, the imagery captures Kubota’s vision of Mt. Fuji’s molten core, symbolic of the beginnings of the Universe itself.

The seven kimono shown here were all that Kubota was able to complete for ‘The Universe’ before his death. Although the series was never finished, these kimono nevertheless evoke the tempestuous beauty of the artist’s unrealized ambition.