Unique Japanese art exhibit now open at Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

Unique Japanese art exhibit now open at Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

EverythingGP – A much-anticipated exhibit of textile art from Japan is now open at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

It is called What Do the Mountain Spirits Ponder? and is a set of four-dozen oversized kimonos.

Victor  Mudretsov with the International Chodiev Foundation, overseers of the display, travelled to Grande Prairie from London, England for Thursday’s opening.

He describes the exhibit coming here as “an amazing opportunity.”

“The challenge with this collection is that there’s a series of pieces. We’ve got kimono (that), when placed one next to each other, there’s a continuous image, a landscape, that flows seamlessly from one kimono to another.”

He is very pleased with how the Grande Prairie gallery has it set up.

“It’s absolutely beautiful. We have this space which is critical for this collection. We can see this panorama from a distance. You can get close. We can see tiny little details and it breathes.”

The kimonos are here until February. Admission to the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is free.


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