Itchiku Kubota: Kimono in the ”Tsujigahana” Tradition: Exhibition Catalog

by Dextra Frankel, Itchiku Kubota (Illustrator)

Catalog of an exhibition held in 1980. Frankel had the rare treat of attending Kubota’s first one-man exhibition held in Mikimoto Hall in the Ginza, Tokyo. Frankel marveled at the beauty of his creations & decided it would be a privilege to introduce him & his work to the American public. Kubota answered Frankel’s questions concerning the evolvement of his work & its significance within the historical context of ”Tsujigahana” dyeing of fabrics for kimonos. Contents of this catalog: The Art of ”Itchiku Tsujigahana” Dyeing, by Tetsuro Kitamura; ”Tsujigahana” & Itchiku Kubota, by Tomoyuki Yamanobe; ”Itchiku Tsujigahana,” by Itchiku Kubota; Catalogue; & Glossary. Black & white photos of Kubota and full-color photos of his kimonos.

Paperback, 46 pages
Published January 1st 1980 by Diane Pub Co
Original Title: Itchiku Kubota: Kimono in the ''Tsujigahana'' Tradition: Exhibition Catalog
ISBN: 1422393003 (ISBN13: 9781422393000)

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