‘Kubota Kimonos: A History on Silk’ shortlisted by the Master of Art Film Festival jury

‘Kubota Kimonos: A History on Silk’ shortlisted by the Master of Art Film Festival jury

We are happy to announce that an ICF-supported documentary ‘Kubota Kimonos: A History on Silk’ has been shortlisted by the jury of the international Master of Art Film Festival. The documentary by Radik Kudoyarov tells the story of the great Japanese textile artist Itchiku Kubota, who devoted his life to rediscovering ‘tsujigahana’, an ancient and then-lost dying technique.

Radik Kudoyarov is a Russian filmmaker, who founded an independent film production company in 2003 and has since created over 30 award-winning documentaries. Talking about the creation of ‘Kubota Kimonos: A History on Silk’, he outlined: ‘My goal was to tell a story of life and art of the outstanding artist Itchiku Kubota – a story full of drama and mystery’.

Master of Art Film Festival is a unique cultural event celebrating the art of documentaries. It showcases the best talent and films on architecture, design and fashion, fine arts, photography, literature, music, dance, theatre and cinema. Upon online and live screenings in Bulgaria in February and April, the international jury of the festival will determine winners in 12 nominations.

‘Kubota Kimonos: A History on Silk’ has already received the recognition of the preselecting committee and has been shortlisted in the out-of-competition ‘Art Horizons’ nomination.

To find out more about the film festival, please visit https://masterofartfilmfestival.com/en/

Photo is a still from the documentary.

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